At iOrchard our goal is to solve your Apple technology problems as quickly and completely as possible. 


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As an Apple Authorized Service Provider we are a designated repair center for all of Apples products. If your Apple product is under warranty we can repair it at no charge to you.

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Out of Warranty

Accidents happen. From spills to drops, we can take your Apple product and restore it back to pristine condition. Need a little more space or speed? We can upgrade your Mac to give you what you need.

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Business Services

Apple products are a great fit for small business. Building an IT infrastructure around reliable Apple products is a great choice. We take care of the technology, you take care of your business.

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Apple Authorized Service


Apple does not sell parts for their products and they can only be installed by Apple Authorized Service Providers. All repairs performed at iOrchard preserve your warranty status. In the case of Apple products that are under warranty (limited warranty or AppleCare), the repairs are performed at no cost to you.



Genuine Apple Parts. Apple Certified Technicians. 


Spills, drops, hardware failures, and software issues are part of using modern technology devices. Have no fear. We will get your device fixed up and restored to factory specs.

We can also upgrade your Macs hardware adding RAM for speed, a larger Hard Drive to store all those photos or even an SSD to take your speed to the next level.